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How often would I need to come?

I offer once-weekly sessions, which last for 50 minutes and take place over a period of weeks, months or in longer term work, a few years.  Whilst the regularity of sessions is agreed from the outset (ie, once a week), the length of time that we work together will largely depend on you – the issues you bring, your motivation, other commitments.  There will be plenty of opportunity for us both to explore how things are going.     

How much does it cost?

Seeing a counsellor in private practice varies in cost.  As a guideline, the cost in London and the South East can range from £55 to £70 per session.  Most fees fall somewhere in the middle.  Some counsellors will agree a reduced fee in special circumstances or a ‘sliding scale’.  My charge is £60 per session.

What is the first step? 

Contact me by telephone or email.  If you decide after contacting me that you are interested in having counselling, we then arrange an initial meeting where you can explore, in complete confidence, any issue that is troubling you.  It is an opportunity for me to find out a little about you and for you to see whether you feel comfortable working with me.  If we decide to work together, we then agree a suitable time and day for us to meet once a week.

Face to Face or Remotely  ?

I mostly work with clients in person at my practice in Ealing, West London.  However, where distance makes this impractical, I also offer to work with clients by viideo calling or telephone as an alternative.  I have experience of working in this way both in private practice and for other organisations.

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