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Please note that the below links are in no way an endorsement or recommendation

http://www.savilledeb.co.uk -  Deborah Saville -TA qualified counsellor in Ealing, West London

http://www.allankelly.com - Allan Kelly - Integrative counsellor in Wimbledon, South West London


http://www.uktherapists.com Directory of Counsellor and Counselling organisations

Counselling resources


Counsellors on the web

http://www.zepti.net - web search engine

http://www.internetcounsellor.co.uk - Qualified Internet based counsellor

http://www.enterthefreudianslip.com Music Therapy and Mental Health: Freudian Slip - Examines the power of using popular music, something people already listen to, as a way for people to express their feelings.  Includes examples of therapeutic messages in popular music as well as original music by Freudian Slip, therapeutic rock band.

http://www.humaneed.com.au Marriage & Relationship Counselling Humaneed: marriage, relationship and family counselling and guidance service based in Melbourne, Victoria. We improve relationships by resolving marriage issues like communication and intimacy or affairs.

http://www.suicideprevention.com.au Depression & Overdose Prevention in Youths and Teens - Suicide Prevention information service with suicide and depression information, statistics and help Australia wide.

http://www.healingholistix.com Healing Holistix - complementary therapies and selected products including Bodypure foot detox pads for your wellbeing.

http://www.metta.org.uk/ Metta- The Holistic Information Service.

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/thompson_1/creativecounselling Julie Thomson - Manchester based counsellor

http://www.galwaycounselling.com/ Galway Counselling Provides counselling training courses, including distance learning; individual counselling and psychotherapy; and professional supervision

http://www.phoenix-counselling.co.uk/ Phoenix Counselling Service

http://www.therapyroom.ukpc.net/ Psychodynamic Counselling Sessions in Dunmow, Essex

http://www.hypno-analysis.co.uk/ Paul Morgan-Ayres Counsellor Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist Life Coach Reiki Stress Personal Development

http://www.colouringtherapy.com - Colouring Therapy -An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal team-building skill development. Guidelines and resources to help you inexpensively improve your coping and awareness skills through an enjoyable activity.

http://www.principallifecoaching.com We have a combined 35+ years of hands-on experience changing our thinking and focusing in on how to help others achieve personal growth. Contact our consultancy and explore what our motivational and life coaching could do for you!

http://www.HealthandWellnessLiving.com Healthy lifestyle information ranging from fitness and nutrition to mental and spiritual topics. Products and technologies that improve your personal wellness. Natural and holistic therapies. Yoga. Women's health. Nutrition. Air purification. Water purification. Magnetic therapy.

http://www.self-hypnosis-tapes.com/ -Self Hypnosis CDs & Tapes  Description of hypnosis & its clinical application

http://www.notts-counselling.com Private Counselling: Ann Crooks

http://www.counselling-derby.co.uk/ -  Michelle Wickes, integrative counsellor in Derby

http://www.andrea-sheehy.com/ - Andrea Sheehy, counselling service, Leicestershire

http://www.robynbrass.com.au/- Robyn Brass, counsellor and life coach

http://www.homestudycollege.com/ - Open College, home study website

http://www.therapyregister.net/ National UK Therapists Register 

http://www.derek-kew.co.uk/ - Derek Kew, counsellor and Psychotherapist

http://www.tsu-counselling-services.co.uk/ - The Shrubberies Unit, counselling organisation, London.

http://www.the-insight.com/ - a Spirituality Web Directory

http://www.whynottalk.com/ - Phil Clarkstone, psychodynamic/integrative counsellor - Eltham SE9

http://www.therapy-insights.com/  - Therapy Insights - dedicated to bringing you information about psychotherapy.

http://www.chisuk.org.uk/ -  Complementary Health Care Information Service (UK) - The UK's guide to alternative and complementary medicine, self development and natural health.

http://www.socialpsychology.org/ Social Psychology Network

http://www.iwr.com/free/   1000's of FREE Promotion Resources Reciprocal links exchange database and website promotion resources and more.

http://www.massageunlimited.com/   Massage Unlimited -  We offer the biggest selection of any massage chairs on the market.  They range from Omega, Popular, Panasonic, Interactive Health, Acutec and many others.

http://www.massagelondon.info/  Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork in London   

http://www.homes2gardens.co.uk/  homes2gardens - UK Online Shopping Directory including counsellors

http://www.holisticguide.net/ - The Holistic Health Guide your alternative health guide to practitioners, treatments, courses, events and organisations.

http://www.bodymindspiritdirectory.org/ BodyMindSpiritDIRECTORY, a complementary health directory

http://www.clive-clinics.com.au - The Clive Clinic are qualified Trichologists, specialising in hair loss treatment and restoration, with branches in both Sydney and Melbourne. We help dispel the myths and provide treatment for the most common problems, including Genetic Thinning, Alopecia and more.

http://www.depression.com.au - Many famous and successful Australians have suffered, or still have depression. This is a secret but very common illness, which will affect 10% of Australian men and 20% of Australian women. You are not alone as a sufferer or as a supporter of someone with depression.



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